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After studying this article you will be able to know how THE UNITED STATE AMERICA is creating verity of jobs to push its country to face the competition across the world,
Later on we will also discuss that why an individual wants to be part of the well know country The UNITED STATE AMERICA, What are the major reason that influences to work in the USA.



In the era of competition and Globalization every country is trying to produce more job opportunities to push its economy and covering the gap of an employment with strategic shift in the job opportunities which is most significant factor in the development of country and boosting an economy on the smooth way. The United State America is considered one of the market leaders, developed and most powerful states in the world. Whether in terms of providing job opportunities to its young talent or in terms of the innovations in the market of inventions. It has seen that the USA has always been explorer of huge job opportunities for its resident as well as foreigners, with increasing opportunities and creating more job opportunities is the right directions where every country want be at certain point in the strategic time. However there can be more ways to boost economy and reduce the unemployment but every state focuses on creating more jobs for young generation where they can show their skills in a order to contribute in the GDP.

The USA is a country consisting of 50+ states and lies mostly in the North-America between the Atlantic & the Pacific Ocean. Since the history USA has very positive impact in relation to providing highly skilled jobs to its fresh and young talent which is surely sign of how a developed country moves its economy by shifting their youngsters to interact as a “Global product” also The USA is the rich culture diversified country and they have number of start-up forms many people across the world choose to starting his career there. And USA has very business city to be work such as: Washington, California and other major cities have hug job openings

However, it is very important for the state to increase more jobs especially for the developed countries in order to maintain its positive image worldwide.


It has seen that the USA is a state of most market compatible leader in past several years as they have most popular and famous Global cooperation’s
Like GOOGLE, IBM, MICRO SOFT, AON, TELEGRAM and much other branded cooperation in the USA have huge employment platforms where the number of people has been already employed by these businesses in a verity of positions and every year they looking for the multi dimensional and energetic youngsters to get the career opportunity to be the part of leading companies where he can groom his/her skills.

There are many reasons that why an individual wants to be join multinational companies & to be the part of the UNITED STATE AMERICA, these are as under,
Currency value
Secure Job environment
Employee growth and development opportunities
Standardized work platform
Globally Diversification
Attractive salary packages, incentives,
Valve prosecute
To understand how the economy of developed country works
Organization Culture
Supportive opportunities
However, the developed countries has positive impact on the youngster to work with them to learn multi dimensional and core skills in effective way to become a well trained and professional individual. And with the passage of time developed countries create more job opportunities to establish the country in proper manner.

Categories of jobs in the USA:

There are thousands of jobs are being created by the united state of America in every shorter period of time. Getting a job allows you to add new skills and experience by working in the USA.
However, look at the most common jobs in USA to see which job help you build connections that can serve as references later in your career. Here is the list of most common jobs that you can apply:


The Primary purpose of hiring cashier to maintain and the posting financial entries for customer purchase, Cashier assist a private or public company in positing of its financial date into the final accounts. Whatever the customer purchases will be posted in the financial record by the cashier.
Retail Sales Associate
Primary duty of retail sales associate is to sells the new products and service of the company. He acts as the promoter of the products; he accumulates the problems face by the customer and brought solution into the different products and service in order to satisfy the customer needs and wants.
Customer Service Representative
The customer representative is a key person who has been given the charge of dealing customer matters, assist the customers, builds the strong relationship between the company and customer, they are authorized to talk to customer listen his complain and overcome on that problem.
Office Clerk Market Specialist
Administrative Assistant Financial Specialist
Accounts Officer Corporate Officer
Medical Assistant Investment Officer
Business Research Officer Police Officer
How can one find suitable job in the USA:
It is quite easy to apply for the various jobs in the united state of America. Especially in larger cities such as Washington and many other major cities by using social media, internet platform or networking to search of suitable job in the united state of America.
Every new month many small or large business entities post verity of position jobs and requites professional individual. However only social media sites can help the individual to find its suitable job in the beginning, alongside there is certain process that you have a valid visa in a order to work permit before getting any job in the united state of America and it can be permit once you sign contract with a potential employee.
So, Social media, internet, networking and many other sites can help you to get the perfect job with handsome amount of salary and other financial incentives, rewards and so on.

2021 jobs record in the USA:

Months Job openings in Million
December 2021 10.93
November 2021 10.78
October 2021 11.09
September 2021 10.44
August 2021 10.63
July 2021 11.1
June 2021 10.19
May 2021 9.48
April 2021 9.19
March 2021 8.29
February 2021 7.53
January 2021 7.1


In the era of globalization, competition is high because of fast changing demand and business environment. Employee performance plays a very important role in meeting organizational objectives. This study explored one of the vital aspects which alter the creating the jobs in the united state of America in level of working in an organization i.e. the compensation policies, financial rewards, promotional facilities and other factors.
The jobs opportunities are life blood for developing countries economy straight forward. On every stage of a work employee needs to empower as he can do more than what is expected. Because employees are productive assets of the organization if them utilized in strategic way.
In today’s world jobs are the basic requirement to fill the gap between strength and weakness in the employees as well as satisfying the employees it is also mandatory.
This will ensure the improved productivity of the employees. If above suggestion followed managers will have highly motivated team.

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