Traditional food Restaurant’s replacement with Fast Food Chain Restaurants

Many people believe that traditional foods are being replaced by international fast food chains which offer tastier food at a cheap price than those traditional food restaurants, others believe that traditional food restaurants are better in every aspect for the consumption of human kind.

As we all know that world has now become a global village, all kind of life has changed drastically and eatery has also changed. I personally have seen that international fast food chain restaurants have overtaken traditional food cuisines and this has caused a significant effect on everyone in the society we are living. I would like to highlight some point that I think has effected this phenomena.

The international fast food restaurants have caused a significant damage to the society. For instance it has changed the pace of living of people now a days people are considering fast food more than traditional because they don’t have to wait for the food to be cooked in 60 mint while they can get the meal to be ready in lesser time because they are working till their death and they can’t manage the time to cook and enjoy the traditional food at home, so they switch to an more convenient option of restaurants, McDonalds, KFC, of course now a days is on everyone’s tongue every person knows about them it can be said that they are very famous for their fast food they deliver the food within minutes you order it no matter you are a child, an student, an office worker a family person you know about them so because of this the things people used to do occasionally they now are preferring  it a daily life practice now a days which has a significant effect on the each and every family in many ways, Such as people used to sit around with family on dining table and used to share their thoughts and they used to talk and discuss their daily life with family and friends but now it has changed a lot. We are forgetting those norms that our elders told us to follow in our life and to convey it to our children and the chain goes on but it’s now same now, furthermore these fast food meals are often eaten alone as these foods are rich in fat that it doesn’t suits to the elders in any family because they can cause some serious damage to their health and people are already facing different health issues. As a result the family bonding and relationships are getting weaker than before. Moreover the work that a woman had to do at home is home cooking the art the skills and the love which is being added by the mother in the home cooked food is also being forgotten just for the sake of saving time.

These have the real consequences on everyone, talking about it in on a larger scale that when people shift towards these international restaurants for fulfilling their daily meal, the locality of every community and their cultural food dies sooner or later. Furthermore traditional food is directly linked to the local culture of every community and they follow the norms that had been taught to them by their parents, so these will soon vanish and will be just part of history books that how people used to live the life in old days, were the part of western society. Moreover these international restaurants follow use and throw culture which can be defined as a key part of a business chain strategy in United States. Such strategies include having less people at workplace, for instance its more expensive to hire a person to clean the table whole day while you can just give disposable things to your consumers which they can carry with them that will do the work and it has become a business model for the restaurants in united states to make set this as a norm to follow throughout the county and customers are being encouraged to carry those disposable material with themselves.

However this has become a trend not only united states but is being followed worldwide. Meanwhile in 2002, Taiwan took the decision to reduce these disposable things from businesses, institution and reduce those plastic bags, it was recorded on an yearly report that a total population of 17.7 million people were producing 5900 tons of those disposable waste of those tableware and 105,000 tons of waste of plastic bags being carried out of those restaurants and that action caused a significant change for the betterment of the everyone. In 2013 Taiwan’s environmental Protection administration banned the use of disposables plastic and it is expected to eliminate 2600 tons of waste like disposable cups and glasses that were being used.

To summaries, it can be said that international restaurants has situated themselves at a higher place than traditional restaurants but this has a harmful effect on everyone in the society.

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