Restaurants you should explore in Venice

Venice is known for its food cuisine and for its architecture, being expensive tourist destination and of course no roads so its main attraction is that it’s a city on the water and boats being used as a mode of transport instead of cars because there are no roads in the city. It is said that Venice doesn’t have the variety of foods, which is not true at all Venice has some amazing cuisine and food that are definitely worth giving a try. This list will have 6 restaurants that have some amazing cuisine to offer so, starting the list with a well-known restaurant in Venice

  1. LA Zucca:

In Italian language LA Zucca actually means ‘Pumpkin’ now you might have guessed by it that the pumpkin is the staple ingredient in their food and the cuisine this restaurant offers. Now this is a small restaurant located in Santa Croce District of Venice. This restaurant takes pride in itself for serving food made with fresh and natural ingredients. This Restaurant also offers you Vegetarian options on their menu which is usually not common in Italy. This restaurant serves some of the best Venetian cuisine. This restaurant is a must visit when you go to Venice

  • Rio Novo Ristorante

Venice as you know is established on water so its best offered food is the fresh catch from the sea and this is what this offers the best Fresh Sea food. This is charming Restaurant that is also located in Santa Croce District of Venice. This Restaurant is going to offer you a great service. This Place has some of best reviews a restaurant can have In Venice. This is a must visit place in Venice if you want to eat some amazing seafood and service. So you better put this place on your Venice list

  • Bacaro Quebrado:

This Restaurant is known for its changing Menu and all varieties of pasta and menu of small plates and dishes they got to offer. They got amazing fried food and cocktails this place is a must visit if you looking for comfortable food, a place to hang with your friends and this place is amazing if you are looking to eat something at night. They also got amazing service. Italy is known for its pasta and this place does it the best. Want to try the Italian cuisine this place is a must go in Venice and Its Located at Calle Larga dei Bari, 1107/A, 30121. Better keep it in your mind when you travel to Venice

  • Antiche Carampane:

This Restaurant is Family Run. This restaurant also specializes in Sea food. You will find a lot of Sea food Restaurants in Venice because sea food like bass, shrimp, fish, Oysters, and Prawns etc. are crucial ingredient in Venetian Cuisine. This delivers what it promotes good sea food. They use fresh fish which makes a huge impact on flavor. This restaurant was found by fish wholesaler’s son. Their Heartwarming Aesthetic and cozy environment just makes the experience more enjoyable. This Place has been visited by many famous celebrities such as Bill Murray, Natalie Portman and many more. Better book your table in advance. This restaurant is located at Rio Terà de le Carampane, 1911, 30125.

5.                  L’Alcova Restaurant:

Want a restaurant with a luxury feeling and an amazing view? This a place has you covered with its amazing views. If you have not guessed it yet this place is in a five star restaurant. A luxury restaurant which does not disappoint with its delicacies. But what separates this restaurant from the others is that it gives you and chance to help in the kitchen, go to the market with the chef and they also provide a cooking class for visitors. But if you are just looking for a fine dining in Venice. This place has you covered by providing you a fine dining experience at a terrace with an amazing view. This restaurant offers meat dishes and Sea food based food With Pasta. This place is located at Cannaregio, Venice, Veneto, 30100, Italy

6.                  Antico Martini:

Not looking for anything fancy just want good service and food? Look no further this place got you covered with a classic diner look you will feel homely and welcomed. At this restaurant you will find traditional Venetian Meat and Sea based food. You will gladly enjoy your meal in one of their three dining rooms or on their magnificent terrace you are sure to have good time. This place was originally a coffee house which then later got transformed into a diner. This restaurant is also close to the Fenice Theater. So you can have a Venetian Cuisine after you come back from a show or before who does not want a good traditional Venetian food before a good show. This Restaurant has thrived over the years and has become excellent.

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