Restaurants offering home deliveries

 In today’s world where some people are showing laziness to do some work or even to make food or go and get it from some restaurant, they want the food at their doorstep so the restaurants have took an initiative to deliver the food as the competition rises in everywhere, hence every restaurant now a days is taking steps to introduce home deliveries.

It is believed that with the advancement of technology everyone is becoming lazy and wants to do less effort as we all know the e-commerce websites are widely known for delivering the goods at our doorsteps through courier services in no time, our restaurants have emerged with the same ideas to deliver food at the doorsteps to their customers who either don’t want to come to the restaurants or the customers who are not physically not fit or can not travel so these restaurants take the responsibility to deliver the food to their customers, while some researchers have also notified that most of the time the frequent orders of food deliveries are from pregnant women who can’t go but main reasons include road conditions, limited access of women to decision making in their family, lack of transport to reach to the nearest food street.

There is one famous restaurant, McDonald which has launched its long waited home delivery services and has named it as ‘McDelivery’ to make sure the plan works they first started their trial in Europe after consulting with a transport company named Uber’s takeaway which is serving in many parts of the United kingdom. This food giant is offering their food with UberEats and it’s a new phase of growing the business in UK after US but before that, they have successfully acquired the market and are delivering in China and Singapore. Furthermore this is the initiative that food junkies wanted for a very long time a advancement that could soothe a million hangovers and McDonald’s has finally listened to them and are now fulfilling their demand. The very first time in UK they started it in London, Leeds and Nottingham cities by the help of smartphones and applications and using internet services people are ordering the food of their desire on their fingertips. On the other hand the food delivery application was developed by an American technology giant to make sure of best results, so how does it work?

So when a person opens the application it accesses his location and locates a nearest outlet within the mile or a two simply the nearest one and then they place order in about approx. 30 minutes of wait the food is delivered by bicycle or a courier rider drops it at te customers doorsteps.

One of the fact that was known to many is McDonald’s resisted their takeaways for a longer period of time in UK but now they have seen the pressure as spending on demand delivery apps has increased they had to change their mind too, the usual demand increased by almost 10 times faster than eating at the outlet since last year said one of their employee he also notified that when NPD Group did their analysis, they told us that with 599 million order placed the orders were worth £3.6bn, up 50pc since 2008. Despite that demand for that this decision was considered late because the competitors, such as Burger King begin their deliveries in UK in 2015 and KFC has now done the same with another delivery application named Just Eat, talking about the delivery partners such, UberEats that they are a branch of American company which is basically known as their services as taxi they also are new in this field and are not vastly spread but they have bigger plans to expand in around 40 cities in the near future. Furthermore, Claude Abu-Greges an employee who runs five of those London locations says that are taking part in trial said that “Delivery is something that my customers often ask about, so it’s exciting that we are now up and running”

moreover from that “Mathieu Proust” the general manager of UberEats said that “We are excited to be working with McDonald’s to begin delivery of their food for the first time in the UK and they also ensured that people can rely on them not only they will ensure speedy delivery but they will also ensure that the safety of them so there will be no violations of the norms of the society.

As, we can see that home delivery had made an significant effect on peoples life whether it’s a food delivery from a restaurant or some goods from an online store the advancement of technology is helping us in many ways and the trust of people is now increasing towards that, Hence people are now Turing more towards home deliveries from restaurants and enjoying the food they desire at their home.

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