Hygiene factor in a five star or a local restaurant

Restaurant is considered one of a business platform that operates many entities and provide food to their customers as people are now living fast paced life the need of consuming food from restaurant has increased so to cater this restaurant take a lot of actions to fulfil these immense need of food and to tackle the competition they have to create a favorable environment for their customers, whether it is the quality of the food, quantity of the food, hygiene factor, as these are the few basic components of a successful restaurant.

However it depend on the people who are running the restaurant to make it successful in this competitive environment where there is a restaurant at every corner of the street in any area, therefore the owner and the staff has to follow the rules of running a successful restaurant, such as the what customers need the most many people think that hygiene is most important thing when we go out for dining in any restaurant whereas some believe that its quality of quantity that matters the most and these things will only be seen at a five star hotel, on the other hand these all things can be seen at a local restaurant they also care for it because they want to earn something for their life but the it will only be possible if they portray the good image of their restaurant as these local restaurants don’t have such money to spend on advertising as 5 Star hotels does but they can portray a good image by practicing the same things that will directly send a message to their customers that they care about them.

Furthermore, there are many things which are considered that they will define the fate of the restaurant and out of which the most important is a hygiene factor in every restaurant and it’s not just that you have to ensure that you use the fresh ingredients that are vegetables, meat, beef and other but you also have to make sure the staff which includes chef, waiter, manager infect everyone in the restaurant is healthy and free of disease because if they are not, how will they maintain the healthy environment and for that restaurants are arranging different seminars and training for their staff to learn more and more about being neat, clean and healthy apart from that it’s the customers also have to play their part to create a healthy environment. Moreover, the customer is now becoming very specific in terms of choosing the place for dining after the quality of the food we can say that hygiene is a most important thing, therefore, every restaurant can achieve their goals if they maintain high standards of hygiene.

As of the five-star restaurant, a local restaurant can also maintain the same level of hygiene with some simple practices lets discuss a few of them the most important factor can be “Regularly inspecting the areas of the restaurant that are kitchen and dining hall”.  It’s the most part that a manager has to play because they are the ones inspecting each and everything in the restaurant other than that it’s very important to follow the rules and regulation and safety standards that are being defined by the authorities and there is a quote also that tells us that cleanliness begins at home.

On the other hand, the restaurant have to make the list of all those activities that they have to follow for keeping their restaurant clean and safe for everyone so if the manager is well educated,  he will assign the roles to every person working their infect many restaurants now keep hand sanitizers on each and every table to ensure the safety of the customer so even if they think they are clean enough to start eating their food but we all know germs are everywhere so before eating they will clean their hands with sanitizers it also includes a good image of the restaurant to the customers another thing that makes it effective is “Proper ventilation” this is the most important factor among all because it effects both the customers and staff of the restaurant its most important because when the food is being prepared the kitchen needs ventilation so that the aroma of food remains consistent apart from that it’s also important for the stored food, simply we can say that who would want to go to the restaurant whose atmosphere is filled with heat, moisture and smoke in it.

Hence, there are many restaurants who fail because of the lack of cleanliness and unhygienic food, not only the loose their regular customer but their reviews make other to not to go their which is even the worst kind of publicity of any restaurant whether it’s a five star restaurant, a local restaurant or even a small street card vendor that sells the food.

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