Four-time world’s best restaurant “THE NOMA”

Different people have different opinion about food, they distinguish the food on its taste and texture and restaurants are thinking more and more about it to make their customers happy. One of the famous restaurant in the world who has some special recipes to become successful is “NOMA” which won the title of world’s best restaurant for four times.

Europe’s fine dynasty restaurant hails from Denmark, Basically it’s rated as Two Michelin- Star restaurant, which is the scale on which these restaurants are rated and to signify it here is what it means. Firstly Michelin star system is used by the Michelin guide to rate the restaurants on their quality of food to the customers and restaurants.

Firstly, it was mainly introduced in 1900 to indicate French drive the location of restaurants and mechanics, secondly the rating system was introduced in 1926 as a single star , second and third star continuously introduced till 1933, as these star signifies different values here are what they means, the single star indicates that a restaurant is “a very good restaurant”, the two stars are “excellent cooking that is worth a detour” and the third is three start which means that “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey” and they list the rating is updated once a year. The restaurant is run by chef named Rene Redzepi in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark and the word is derived from two Danish words ”nordisk” which means Nordic and “mad” which means food the restaurant started their operations back in 2013 and is widely known for the reinventions and making the Nordic cuisine recipes in a different but delicious way for their customers, the restaurant was marked best restaurant among other competitor in the world in 2010,2011,2012 and 2014 separately and lastly it was ranked 2nd best in the year 2019.

Its history tells its success story, it was opened in an old warehouse firstly on the waterfront in the christianshavn neighborhood in the central Copenhagen, and however they changed the warehouse in North Atlantic House which was a center for their art can culture in the North Atlantic region but after that Mr. Redzepi and Claus Meyer opened the restaurant and its interior is designed by the Space Copenhagen which is again on of the best interior designer in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark they are known for their designs with a poetic touch however the restaurant owner closed the restaurant  after 31 december 2016 and relaunched it in 2017 with a different but spacious place where he now can cater more customers, Basically they reopened on feburary 15,2018 after a year of it closure so the question arises now is that will everyone will be served when they reach their or they have to reserve their table first?

Of course the main reason to reopen the restaurant at a different location a spacious location was to cater more customers but actually they still have to give their best to each and every customer so you have to book your table before going there they have the online ticketing system to book your table after they opened in the month of November the very first customers they had were mainly the cooks, locals, journalists, tourist, and food lovers all around the world but let me tell you they booked their tickets in the month of April so this was the level of hype created among people . Furthermore with the open rooftop, gardens it has smalls glass roofed huts it is more like a technological firm or a small institute or college, the restaurant owner believes in quality of the food with a blend of different but unique dishes and the menu is tightly focused in the restaurant. Moreover the old Noma restaurant was very precise towards the selection of its ingredients that they were using they used to select the ingredients that grew in the Nordic countries but now they have applied more restriction to and Mr. Redzepi the owner of the restaurant have selected three major themes of the menu per year and with those dishes which he is considered the best person to cook.

As it is described the menu around the spring and summer will add plants in it but all the menu will of vegetables “We will have things we think belong. Like ants and snails” said the owner of the restaurant, apart from that they include mushrooms, nuts , game birds, deer , moose, beer from early winter and a little of something from the sea till the late spring.

It costs about $375 for the lunch or dinner without drinks and you have to pay in advance when you are reserving your table online and the wine pairing cost you about $166 dollar. Hence it is said its creating a new luxurious feeling to the people who want to have fine dining in a luxurious way.

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