Luxury Hotels in India – Top 5 Hotels Recommended

In every country there are many hotels, some are the best luxurious 5 star hotels, and some the 4 star hotels, 4 stars is consider one of the best, and luxury hotels. People needs the luxury hotels for stay, and wants some peace, and rest in a room where everything is going to be perfect. Because those who are live in the luxury room, and in a 5 star hotel, consider him or her a richest person. So they need proper security, and full time privacy, that is the reason they are going to pay the heavy amount for a day to your hotel. India is one of the most popular country, and the population in the India is very large. In India there are many 5 stars, and also the 4 stars hotels. But there is always the top 5 hotels which every person is going to recommend to stay there. Because in the hotels business the competition is very high, and every hotels work hard to give maximum satisfaction to their customers, because if the customer is going to satisfy from your hotel, then the customer spread the positive word of mouth, and this is more important than do marketing to your hotel.

Many people coming to India for visit, and many people is coming to pitch a proposal of many things, because in India, if a thing is going to run, then the thing is going to become earn more than every persons expectation, because of the large population. That is the reason the luxury hotel business is going to become successful in India. Bit in India, there are many good hotels which is consider the top hotels in the India, where you will get all your desired facilities. There are top 5 luxury hotel, which is mostly people is going to recommend to other in their feedback, when people ask for which hotel is best. In this article we are going to mention these five top luxurious hotel in the India.

Rambagh Palace a Taj Hotel

This is one of the best and 5 star hotel in the Jaipur, India. This is one of the oldest hotel in the India, since 1835, this hotel is going to serve the people with their best quality of service, means this hotel is going to build in the 1835. The target market of this hotel is the elite class, because the middle man and common person is not going to afford this hotel. This hotels is consists of many resources, and more than 90 guest rooms, and suits. There are many facilities, which are include the swimming pools, indoor, and outdoor, bar, and many other things, which is going to meet the needs of the customers. This hotels shows the royalty to their customers.

The Obrois raj Villas

This is also the best hotel in the India, which is in the Jaipur, India. The hotels is one of the best hotel in the India, which is going to have the 84 guest rooms, and also suits, which is very comfortable, and best that every customers feel pleasure after rest in the rooms. The hotels has many things which is going to give pleasure to the customers, which are the swimming pool, fine dining restaurants, bar, fitness center, and a beautiful garden.

The Imperial

This in one of the best hotel in the New Delhi, and this is the first best hotels in the New Delhi. This is one of the oldest hotel in the New Delhi, which is going to build in the 1931. This hotels has many rooms, which are more than 230 rooms, and the suits. This hotels has many facilities which are the restraints, banquets, meeting halls, swimming poll, and the bar, and there are many other facilities which is going to attract many customers.

The Obrois Amar Villas

This is one of the best hotels in India, the best high for this hotel, from this hotel view, you are going to see the Taj Mahal of Agra. Many people coming from the different countries to visit this Taj Mahal Agra, and this hotel give you the view of the Taj Mahal Agra from the hotel. There are many facilities in this hotel, which is going to meet the need of the customers which are the restraints, meeting halls, fitness centers, world best class spa, and many other things.

Taj Lake Palace

This is best hotel in the Udaipur, India. This hotel is surrounded by the hill, and many views. This rooms has the 81 rooms, and also the guest’s rooms, and the suits. There are many facilities which are the restraints, swimming pool, business centers, and meeting rooms, and there are many other facilities in this hotel.

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