The Newt in Somerset UK

The Newt in Somerset is a hidden universe of spiritual beauty and delightful tranquillity, not just a place. This is an experience to savor from the moment you step along the serpentine route winding through the woods to your warm greeting at the hillside Arrival. A floral dream world greets you with its charm, complete with spectacular panoramas and exquisite gardens. The Newt is a true utopia, with on-site apple cider production, delectably good farm fare for purchase, and a fantastic selection of catering possibilities. Furthermore, through the end of the year, your first registration permits you to unlimited repeat visits. This is a work of art in the making.


It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to the Newt hotel and gardens. In 2020, it opened a fantastic interactive display called The Legacy of Gardening, as well as a Gelateria, hired a new executive chef, Ben Champion, and launchedPortable Newt, an online delivery service, in reaction to the lockdown, so you’ll get its vegetable delivered directly. Headsmen House, a Somerset stone Georgian mansion with 13 rooms, and former outbuildings, which provide another 10 accommodations, are each eccentric and unique, and it’s always at the peak with it comes to comfort and luxurious.

Service and Facilities

The main house’s Room One has a wonderful stunning bathroom bathtub and overlooks the historic tree road, while the stables rooms have unique beds in the stalls and tranquil white shutter chambers in the loft. There’s also a spa with an indoor-outdoor pool, and visitors are welcome to walk the grounds (which include woodlands, farms, traditional gardens and culinary gardens, as well as a wildlife park).

There’s an outdoor hot tub, a nice bar with views of the polo grass, and cyder sampling in the basement. Then there’s the matter of the food. In the Greenhouse Restaurant, the kitchen serves a tasting meal and buffet-which mixes the light of a Medieval greenhouse with the exclusivity of a strip club Search for the smoking cod and minty honey snaps, as well as the excellent grilled aubergine. Consume massive croissants from the Newt baker in the mornings.

It’s impossible to go wrong with a visit to this West Midlands havento its guests surely you will get an unforgettable experience in this place.The hotel features a spa with a saunas, salt hot tub, and lovely pool that leads to a heated outdoor heated swimming pool, as well as a crystal gym in the garden. The staff is exceptional, and they provide promise for the future of Britain’s generosity: intelligent, talented, and demonstrably enthusiastic about the future of the pleasant world in which they discover themselves.Food and Drink

The lofty, glass-walled Garden Cafeteria, which overlooks the fenced ellipse and neighbouring gardens and landscape, and the Botanic Rooms in the hotel, which has a lovely, homey open kitchen, are the two eateries. Both are outstanding, with a strong emphasis on vegetables from Newt’s kitchen gardens and greenhouses. We ate superb baguette apple flatbread, homemade pickles, and honey in the GardenCafé, which provided excellent residence veggies alongside barbecued pig and beef, sausages, and cheddar. Steamed young potatoes from the yard were delicious, and the farm’s apple juices and ice creams were too tempting to pass up.

Brill with dark crabs dressing and fennel salad, with a side of olive oil boiled potatoes, chocolates and beetroot dessert, or a fantastic range of local cheeses might well be found in the rooms. Breakfast is also excellent, with delicacies like Eggs with chicken and Bee’s Legs and many other absolutely mouth-watering and delicious meal is here.

 Value and Money

 Double rooms start at £255 per night, which includes breakfast, a complementary mini-bar, a garden tour, a cyder tour, and spa access. Wi-Fi is available for free. Thankfully, the Newt, while five-star sumptuous, is not flamboyant or fat-cat friendly, and provides fair value. Menu items and beverages, as well as lodging rates, are fairly priced for its excellence.




  • Bar
  • Laundry services
  • Parking
  • Room services
  • Fitness centre
  • Spa
  • Steam rooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Free Wi-Fi

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