Restaurants Promotions in Schools

In many countries, Different Fast-Food restaurants are approaching schools to promote the items that they are selling these tactics are being followed by most of the famous restaurants now a days.

In this modern time, where advertisement has made a significant effect on shaping people’s mind and changing their buying behavior. It’s noticed that restaurants are spending a lot of money on advertising of their products in many ways and funding schools is also one of them.

However, school management is using that money in different means for instance, they use the funds to conduct different school activities in my opinion this isn’t a good decision of school administration to promote this kind of activity in school.

Firstly, this activity of advertising in school and providing the fast-food to the children within the school premises would help develop the children’s mind for such foods. Secondly it will affect the health of those children who will consume it on daily basis, it  will result in developing  different health problem for them such as, obesity which is considered the basic health issue that causes serious damage to our immune weakens it so many other disease take place in the human body, as it’s a fact that children nowadays are living sedentary lifestyle which is little or no physical activity which clearly indicates that children should consume healthy cooked food rather than the fast food and its availability should be more frequent. Furthermore the school administration should not fall for the bait of these restaurants for the benefits of their own while sacrificing the health of students.

Similarly, According to American Heart Association report on fast food restaurant promoting and selling their food in school shows that about Ten percent of elementary school and about thirty percent of high school cafeterias serve branded fast food on weekly basis. On the other hand 19 percent of high schools serve these food on daily basis, According to researchers at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, whose study was published in JAMA Pediatrics. An in America according to Federal Trade Commission, these restaurant spent $149 million on marketing in schools in 2009.

“It doesn’t seem fair that while parents are trying to teach their kids how to eat healthy, they see ads on TV, billboards, even at school that tell them junk foods are delicious,” said Dr. Rachel Johnson, professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont and a volunteer for the American Heart Association’s Voices for Healthy Kids movement. “

As a result of it, 66% of primary schools tested right now inexpensive food coupons given to the students. This sends an inappropriate message to our children by a confided in the place of learning.” And at that time, First Lady Michelle Obama as of late asked significant nourishment organizations to showcase solid food sources that are the healthier foods or even if someone is consuming fast food so that they should consider to eat less, maintain the diet plan which should also has to be the part of the school curriculum to introduce to their students so that they will learn it in their early ages hence they will follow it their whole life and will live a healthier life apart from that. She prompted guardians to tell organizations their inclinations about promoting and solid guidance and availability of healthy food that they want for their children

Furthermore, another issue will rise in the future because of this act as the students will spend more of their time watching advertisements of the restaurants whereas they can master the art of learning and focusing on their academics more than wasting their time on advertisements. Moreover, this could cause an indirect problem to the parents of the children such as if some people are not in a state to afford such luxurious food items on daily basis but their children forces them to buy those items that they have seen all day in the school hence it was create a problematic situation for both the children and parents.

To conclude this, I would say that restaurants should think of the consequences on a larger scale about the situation rather than just thinking about the profit maximization of the restaurant these apart from that the government should impose strict laws because it’s their duty to observe and maintain a healthy environment for not only the students but for all as people who don’t go to schools or are suffering from some kind of illness, they peer pressure somewhat creates a different situation for them hence if any restaurant want to promote their food first of all they should tell everyone about the benefits and the potential risks of the food and that how hygienic their food is so that anyone who will consumer it will know everything about it.

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