Restaurants offering vegetarian food

Many people thinking of becoming vegetarian according to them that is a healthy diet, apart from that they also think that, they do not need to eat meat or chicken, any kind of animal in short for the vitamins and proteins so to fill this gap there are many restaurants have introduced vegetarian food and are solely catering this gap

Some of the best restaurants in Europe believe that, veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle at the moment everywhere in the world, however some people say that the vegan food is tasteless but these restaurants cleared that dilemma. These restaurants offering heaven for vegans are already famous and are growing day y day, dishes made of plants are delicious and are healthy too. As the popularity grows every second researcher and people who travel to explore have also been attracted by these restaurants so one of the biggest exploring ecommerce website Big seven travel conducted the research on the best vegan restaurants in Europe from those little cart to the big restaurants offering vegan food this website has made a thorough research, however these restaurants also offer meat but not 100% because they also have ear and cater the needs of other customers too but they show that how creative and innovative a vegan dish can be to those customers who consume meat.

One of the city of Italy, Turin is known for its vegans, its Italy’s first vegetarian city and this city has a pro-veggie mayor and 30 meat free restaurants. One of the restaurant in Turin is Soul kitchen and its chef named Chiodi Latini aged 56, and about 3 years ago he was locally known for his dishes, such as seafood pasta with edible flower or perfect cylinders of raw beef, but at the moment at is new venture which is known as “Chiodi Latini New Food, is a fancy but completely free of all items that includes animal so yes it can be said that it’s a complete vegan’s place. Furthermore in a interview he said that, his old customers reviews are very much satisfying for him and he quoted their words and told that the customers mentions that “it’s amazing the way you used to cook, your fish soup and lovely meat were best among other nearby competitors. Moreover for the health reasons he himself became vegan and started promoting vegan food he says that people want to try new things and I felt that too, hence I started my own venture to fulfill the gap it’s amazing to eat healthy food in the evening it makes you mood and soul happy he says.

Moreover Turin is actually famous for cars, football, winter Olympics and now vegetarianism after its newly appointed mayor named Chiara Appendino made that announcement that made people cheerful and happy which was to turn the city vegetarianism ‘Italy’s first vegetarian city’

On the other hand the butchers of the city have expressed thoughts and sorrows but the government has relief them with some strategies that they have to apply, such as the meat shops will be closed once a week and students in the school will be taught about animal welfare and ecology to guide them how they can help made the environment clean and live a healthy life.

Stefania Giannuzzi who is the deputy mayor behind the initiative he says that we have 30 restaurants serving vegan and vegetarian food, which is a great number for this city in Italy and we want to recognize it as an important part of the city so we have created a vegan map for everyone whether you are a local resident or a tourist came to visit you will be guided simply and these strategies will also help us to maintain the traffic in the city because everyone will reach their destination easy so the hassle of creating mess around the city will be less and visitors wandering the street will no long suffer to find any place of their choice

However it is believed a vegetarian diet can lacks many nutrients which include iron, protein, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin A, fatty acids and iodine separately. Although you can get protein from legumes and nuts but these are not the sources to completely rely on so there are several other proteins that animals provide to human body, many animal products are high in iron and vitamin B12 and these are te vitamins which human body can easily observe from animals.

The main cause not to turn vegetarian is that when a women goes through menstruation period the needs enough of the vitamin and iron in their diet but it has scientifically proved that a complete and maintained vegetarian diet which is made by neutrientionist can easily overcome these problem

Hence, I relate vegetarian diet is lacking some important vitamin and proteins but in some ways it is a healthier way of living.

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