2020 Most Expensive Restaurant in New York

Many people believe that New York city is known for its diverse culture because it’s the people living in are from all around the globe but it’s also known for the variety of food that restaurants offer to everyone, so there are many restaurants but here we will discuss one of the restaurant is bit expensive but is very popular among every generation.

New York is known for its establishments, monuments, business trade and of course the “Statue of Liberty” which is a national monument, a trade mark for the city as well as it represents the city. Apart form that the city is widely known for its people because people living in it are from all around the globe. Which makes it a very diverse culture for everyone and you can find a place where Italian Communities are living and is named as “Little Italy”, same is for India, Pakistan and china which they have named as “Chinatown”.

These communities and the whole diverse culture that New York has to offer is what makes it special. Furthermore you can find food from all over world because of these diverse communities, whether it’s a 1$ pizza slice or a pizza that is only for 1$.so has something to offer for a person with any budget. However, you can find expensive restaurants as well as cheap but it’s something hard to find cheap food even fast food chains such as McDonalds is known for being expensive in New York Compared to other states in United States of America the area such as “Times Square” is always crowded and of course expensive but restaurant chains Like “Olive Garden” is packed with people and its really expensive. It’s extremely hard to see bad cuisine in this city but every city has its fair share of good or bad. So you might have heard of a Restaurant which is bit expensive and is also not serving the food of the standard and is called “Trump’s Grill”

Trump’s grill is sleek and vibrant restaurant, this restaurant specializes in steaks. Which might be the only good things of the restaurant. A piece of tender and juicy steak which if you want to try go ahead. In fact a lot of people actually like the most. Alongside food this restaurant’s design and interior are also attractive. So why is this place considered to be a worst restaurant you will find that on what else they have to offer on their menu. The main reason is the price which is not even close to other competitors, whether it’s their Taco Bowl or Rice they do not know how to do their job when it comes to food it’s bland and boring and does not taste great. This Restaurant is located at 725 5th Ave, New York. However they are trying to improve over the time but it still does not live up to people’s expectations.

On the other hand, this restaurant has been called one of the most controversial restaurants in United States as well as “The worst restaurant in United States of America” in 2016. Even their staff is rude to customers sometimes, so the restaurant may have one of the best steak in New York. But it is definitely not worth the hype, time and your money. Furthermore New York has many different cuisines to offer which are worth your money. Whether you choose luxurious restaurant or a small diners there is always something for everyone.  Moreover New York as you all know is known for having some of the best pizza in United States of America, which is totally true and of the restaurant that is offering pizza a Pizza Slice is “Pizza Place” which is again is not up to the people’s expectation

What they do cannot be considered ethical because they just don’t serve the fresh food but frozen and reheated food to the customers, so find a pizza place where you can get the fresh pizza pie which is going to taste way better than frozen pizza and there comes the street food, which plays its part in every country around the globe, Its considered the best food and everyone enjoy it

Some people believe that it can be the best food because of the recipe which you can’t even find in an expensive restaurant but try to avoid Pretzels from the street vendors unless what they are serving is hot, soft and fresh, Pastries that have been placed on a case and become extremely stale over the time so try to find fresh pastries and get the best and tasty you desire perhaps from a bakery.

So it depends on the person’s choice and taste that what kind of food or restaurant he prefers because not everyone can afford a five star hotel nor that can satisfy their taste buds.

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